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of Command

What we beleive

Culture of Command focuses on building leaders and shaping team culture. We believe that the potential for leadership occurs at all levels of a workforce. Morale and motivation are achieved by enabling all members of an organization to lead, motivate, and inspire. We foster a sustainable culture through the development of every individual. We accomplish this through training, education, and development of your workforce.

What we are

Culture of Command is a leadership consulting and education group based in the Columbus, Ohio area.  We offer one-on-one consulting as well as group / team group consulting.  We also develop and implement leadership development programs customized for your organizations unique needs.




Learn to blend the science of human behavior with the art of communication to develop positive leadership solutions.  Real leadership tools to help you lead, motivate, and inspire your workforce.  Our programs focus on the concept that leadership is a 360 degree lifestyle with theories that can be applied to your superiors, colleagues, and subordinates .  You will actively learn how to analyze what is happening and apply research supported methods all designed to create a productive workforce in which each member’s needs are satisfied. 

*Consultation services are held in the Columbus, Ohio area.




 $80 / Session


1 Hour

What is included:

Sometimes it is best to discuss leadership solutions. With LEADERSHIP BOOST, we will analyze your company’s strengths and weaknesses in team performance.


We will isolate a specific issue or issues and develop a custom plan to lead, motivate, and inspire your company or team.

Give your leadership skills a boost with an engaging one-on-one session.

leadership culture

$399 / 6 Sessions


6 – 10 weeks

1 Hour each session

What is included:

A continued look at your company / team to identify and implement the best leadership strategy.

Together, we will continue to discuss trends in productivity and morale. We will identify specific gaps in leadership development training amongst your workgroup.

Through continued communication we will help guide you to developing your own leadership development program. 

Leadership Development

$799 / 6 Sessions


4 – 6 weeks

What is included:

 We take care of the heavy lifting.  We will meet with you and discuss your company’s culture, performance, and morale.  From there, we will design a custom LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COURSE for you to implement at your facility.

We will accomplish this by analyzing current trends in your workplace and identify a specific leadership development skills gap among the work-group.

We take that information and create a lesson plan that you can teach in-house. 

Classes developed are designed to fit in a 4-hour training window.

12 + 14 =

Additional Services

Leadership 360

Our complete leadership training package


(Additional travel expense for locations more than 120 mi. from Columbus, Ohio)


3 – 8 hour training days

What is included:

This is an all-inclusive leadership development program.  We will consult with you for a minimum of four 1-hour sessions to fully develop the program tailored to your company’s needs.  This training is designed to be fully immersive and may be implemented at all levels of your organization.

Topics Covered (Include but not limited to):

Learning Leadership

Generational Leadership

Motivation and Consequences

Group Development

Creating Culture

Leading Change

Transformational Leadership

Transactional Leadership

Leadership and Communication

Stress Management

Business Ethics and Human Performance

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